Evolutionary ecology of communities

I am accepting graduate students for Fall 2019, please see the “Join Us” page.

We study how evolutionary processes structure biological communities. Our research integrates studies on (1) how interactions between species evolve, (2) what factors promote and constrain microevolutionary processes, especially natural selection, and (3) how ecological and evolutionary dynamics are entwined to shape species coexistence.  Our work combines theoretical explorations of these themes with experimental, observational, and meta-analytical studies. Most of our empirical work is conducted using damselflies (an awesome predatory aquatic insect). Our work has been graciously supported by funding from the NSF.

Contact information:

Department of Biological Sciences
Program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology  – https://eeob.uark.edu
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Email: amsiepie@uark.edu

Photo credit: S. Krotzer


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