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Adam M. Siepielski


I am an ecologist and evolutionary biologist. Much of my work focuses on trying to understand how interactions within and between species evolve and the consequences of this evolution for population regulation and the structure of biological communities. My work integrates ideas and approaches from population and community ecology, behavioral ecology and evolutionary biology. I use both theoretical and empirical studies. I principally work with damselflies (predatory aquatic insects closely related to dragonflies) in lake and pond systems.

Postdoctoral Associates:


Jason Bried – Jason is a community ecologist with interests in metacommunity structure, disturbance ecology, and carryover effects across life-stages. He is working on the niche-neutral latitudinal gradient project. For more information click here.


Britt Ousterhout – Britt is a population ecologists with interests in dispersal and metapopulation dynamics. She is working on a project focused on how local adaptation influences species diversity. For more information click here.

Graduate students:



Adam Hasik – Adam joined the lab as a PhD candidate Fall of 2016 after completing his MS work with Erik Svensson. For more information click here.



Savannah Graham  – Savannah joined the lab as a MS candidate Fall of 2017 after completing her B.S. at Lyon’s College. For more information click here.



Wade Boys – Wade joined the lab as a MS candidate Spring of 2017. He is working on our biogeography of dragonflies project. For more information click here.


Lab technician:


Mabel Serrano – Mabel is a recent undergraduate from U of A. She is helping get a number of lab projects up and running.


Lauren Wishard – Lauren joined the lab Summer of 2017, she is working on the rare dragonfly project.

Grayson McReynolds – Grayson is an honors student developing a thesis project focused on how  temperature variation affects predator-prey interactions

Joy Senn  – Joy joined the lab this summer and worked on the latitudinal gradient study. She also really likes E. vesperum.

Madison Caldwell – Madison is an honors student developing a thesis project on how environmental stress affects early development.

Lab Alumni:

Kate Boersma – former post-doc, currently Assistant Professor of Biology at USD.

Madison Pitts – Madison was an honors student who developed her thesis project on how temperature affects population regulation through competitive interactions. She is likely swimming with Manta rays somewhere…

Michael (“Tulley”) Chrietzberg – Tulley graduate with his B.S. Spring of 2017


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